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Food & Environmental Quality Lab

FEQL Mission Statement

The FEQL provides unbiased information and expert research on food safety, sustainable agriculture, and environmental stewardship. The FEQL assists in identifying and facilitating discussion of issues of concern to food producers, private industry, governmental agencies and the public at large.

Legislative Mandate

Washington growers need crop protection tools for a variety of minor crops. At the same time, they must practice good environmental stewardship in the use of these tools to avoid chemical residues in food and water. Recognizing both of these needs, the state legislature in 1991 passed RCW 15.92.050, mandating the creation of the WSU Food and Environmental Quality Laboratory, located at the WSU Tri-Cities campus in Richland, Washington.

Advisory Board Background and Information

In accordance with the founding legislation, FEQL is advised by a board of stakeholders representing a number of distinct functions pertaining to Washington State agriculture. For example, food processing, health care, farm labor, and marketing are among the constituencies represented on the board. Terms are three years in length and responsibilities include participation in decision-making affecting FEQL and its role as a research and information center for Washington State agriculture.

The FEQL works to resolve unmet pest control needs in the Pacific Northwest by researching crop-protection chemistries and production systems and evaluating their compatibility with environmental stewardship and human health.

Washington State

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